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YMC-CHIRAL CD BR Semi-Prep Columns

YMC-CHIRAL CD BR columns offer an alternative approach to enantioseparation. Covalent bonding of a bromide derivative of a cyclodextrin to YMC silica provides a novel CSP. The bromide derivative, in which the primary hydroxyl groups at carbon 6 are substituted for bromine, provides a different chiral selectivity to the ‘normal’ cyclodextrins. These cyclodextrin bromide derivatives are used in reversed phase mode to separate a wide range of polar, water-soluble compounds. In addition they will separate, under similar conditions, positional isomers of substituted aromatic compounds. The diameters of the cavities are such that a single phenyl ring can be accommodated within α-cyclodextrin, whilst the cavities of β-cyclodextrin and γ-cyclodextrin can accommodate substituted single phenyl rings and multiple ring systems respectively.

    YMC-CHIRAL CD BR is available in 10 and 20 mm ID for semi-prep applications.

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