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Daicel Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) Columns

SFC offers significant benefits including speed of separation, speed of method development, and improved column efficiency. Our polysaccharide CSPs have long been the most popular columns in SFC separations. In larger separations, the benefits go beyond the speed offered by SFC. Use of liquid carbon dioxide is considered a green technology, as there is no net addition to the atmosphere and large quantities of organic solvent are replaced. Recovery of separated product is much faster, as isolated fractions are collected in much smaller volumes of liquid. Daicel SFC columns are available for:

• Analytical separations: 100-mm length enables higher flow rates with less sacrifice of column efficiency than with HPLC. Although our HPLC analytical columns may be used in SFC applications, we have introduced short analytical columns (4.6 mm x 100 mm) specifically designed for SFC, for rapid analytical separations, and for fast screening during method development.

• Semi-preparative separations: isolate product from mobile phase more easily with semi-preparative columns in 250-mm length by 10-mm, 21-mm, and 30-mm IDs

• Preparative separations: expand your separation with 250-mm length by 50-mm ID SFC columns packed with high-efficiency 5-micron particles CHIRALPAK analytical columns can be used with HPLC and SFC systems. In semi-prep, the high system pressure required to keep CO2 liquid dictates the use of more robust column hardware.

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