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Chip LC Tubing, Fittings, Valves Supplies

Chip LC Tubing, Fittings, Valve Supplies from Agilent

Agilent provides a range of Chip LC supplies and replacement parts manufactured to high levels of quality and performance. Specially-designed PEEK fittings, along with fused silica/PEEK and sample transfer capillaries, are available as well as inner and outer valve rotors. A range of connections and fittings are available including; nano pump to chip cube, micro well plate sampler to chip cube, syringe pump to chip cube and chip cube to waste. In addition, inline micro filter kits are provided along with micro well plate sampler to micro inline filter and micro inline filter to chip cube connections for Phospho-Chip applications.

Part Number Short Description ID Length Material Pack Size Price Qty
5067-1584 Fitting with 0.5um PEEK frit 10pk 10
G4240-87302 Fused silica/PEEK Capillary 100um x 100cm, chip cube to waste 100 um 1000 mm Fused Silica/PEEK 1
G4240-87300 Fused silica/PEEK Capillary 15um x 90cm, Nano pump to Chip Cube 15 um 900 mm Fused Silica/PEEK 1
G4240-87301 Fused silica/PEEK Capillary 25um x 105cm, Micro well plate sampler to Chip Cube 25 um 1050 mm Fused Silica/PEEK 1
G4240-87304 Fused silica/PEEK capillary 50um x 50cm, Pump to well plate sampler 50 um 500 mm Fused Silica/PEEK 1
G4240-87303 Fused silica/PEEK Capillary 75um x 100cm, Syringe pump to chip cube 75 um 1000 mm Fused Silica/PEEK 1
5067-1582 In-line Micro Filter kit 0.5um PEEK PEEK
G4240-87310 PEEK Capillary, 25um x 10cm, for use with micro inline filter 25 um 100 mm PEEK 1
5067-1585 PEEK Fitting for use with 1/32in od 10pk, replacement for 5067-1582 inline filter PEEK 10
G4240-43200 PEEK Fitting special for Chip-LC PEEK 1
G4240-23705 Rotor Inner Valve 3 Grooves Chip LC 1
G4240-25206 Rotor Outer Valve 5 Grooves Chip LC 1
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