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TCC Capillary Tubing Kit

TCC Capillary Tubing Kits from Agilent

Agilent provides a range of high quality Thermostatted Column Compartment method development kits and supplies, for enhanced TCC performance and applications. Kits and supplies available include high pressure valve heads with integrated RFID modules, replacement rotor seals for high pressure selector valve, a variety of capillary kits and an extended carrier for heat exchanger for SL Plus TCC including mounting screws. A range of stainless steel connecting capillaries and fittings are also available in various sizes and specifications to meet your methods development needs.

Part Number Short Description Internal Diameter Price Qty
5067-4248 Capillary Kit 0.12mm 8 column selection valve PCHex 0.12 mm
5067-4800 Capillary Kit 0.12mm id G1316C 2-position/10-port micro-valve 0.12 mm
5067-4730 Capillary kit 0.17mm id G1316C 2/10 valve 0.17 mm
5067-4767 Capillary kit 0.17mm id, 2-position/6-port 600 Bar Bio 0.17 mm
5067-4769 Capillary kit 0.17mm id, 4 column selection valve 600 Bar BIO 0.17 mm
5067-5103 Capillary Kit 0.17mm id, G1316C 2/10 micro-valve 0.17 mm
5067-5963 Low Dispersion Kit 1290 Infinity II
5067-4601 Solvent selection Tubing kit 4 Solvents
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