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TCC Supplies

TCC Supplies from Agilent

Agilent provides a comprehensive range of high quality supplies to ensure the ongoing performance of the Thermostatted Column Compartment in LC systems. Manufactured to Agilent's high level of quality the capillary kits for Column Selection Valves include all relevant supplies for best chromatographic performance in all applications.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
G9328-44111 1260 Base Plate Column Organizer
5067-5424 20uL Loop 2D-LC
5067-5425 40uL Loop 2D-LC
5067-5437 60uL Loop 2D-LC
5067-5426 80uL Loop 2D-LC
5043-1465 Belt-long for column holder L
G1316-83200 Carrier for heat exchanger TCC SL
G1316-89200 Carrier for heat exchanger TCC SL
5067-6654 Colored clip kit, contains 24 clips, 3 of each of 8 different colors, numbered from 1 to 8
5063-6526 Column Clamp 6pk
G7116-68004 Column Holder Clamp 2pk
5001-3702 Column Holder for u-LC Columns
5067-6849 Column Holder Kit M
G7163-60002 Column Holder L
G7116-68003 Column Holder Lamella for Infinity II 2pk
5062-8588 Column identification RFID-tag 3pk
5067-5917 Column Identification Tag
G1316-80012 Heat Exchanger 1290 Series long up
G1316-80004 Heat Exchanger/Cooler 1.5uL
G1316-80003 Heater Long Down 0.12mm id (1.6ul internal)
G1316-80002 Heater Long Up 0.12mm id (1.6ul internal)
G1316-80022 LDHE double kit for G1316C
5022-6503 PEEK Tubing 1/32in od 0.4mm id 450 mm Micro valve to waste
G7116-60031 Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger High Flow
G7116-60015 Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger Standard
G7116-60021 Quick-Connect Heat Exchanger Ultra Low Dispersion
G1316-60001 Thermal Column Insulation Enclosure Kit
  • Designed-in for highest chromatographic performance.
  • High quality products for lowest instrument downtime and best total cost of ownership.
  • OEM products fit tightest Agilent specifications for validated environments.
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent LC systems
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