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Detector Lamps for Non-Agilent Instruments

Detector Lamps for Non-Agilent Instruments from Agilent

Agilent lamps for Shimadzu, Thermo/Dionex and Waters HPLC systems are designed and built to be compatible with a wide variety of detectors, including Variable Wavelength Detectors (VWD), Multiple Wavelength Detectors (MWD), and Diode Array Detectors (DAD) or Photodiode Array Detectors (PDA).

All the lamps adhere to the tightest specifications for consistent quality and reproducible performance over the entire lifetime of the lamps. Test equipment is regularly calibrated using optical standards certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) or PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt).

Both deuterium lamps and tungsten lamps are available.

Part Number Short Description Type Material Price Qty
8001-0704 Deuterium Lamp for Shimadzu LC-2010 and LC-2010HT, 2000 Hours Shimadzu Deuterium
8001-0702 Deuterium Lamp for Shimadzu SPD-20A/AV and SPD-10A/AV/Avvp, 2000 Hours Shimadzu Deuterium
8001-0701 Deuterium Lamp for Shimadzu SPD-M10Avp and SPD-M20A, 2000 Hours Shimadzu Deuterium
8002-0704 Deuterium Lamp for Thermo/Dionex PDA-100 and AD-25, 2000 Hours Thermo/Dionex Deuterium
8002-0701 Deuterium Lamp for Thermo/Dionex UVD 160/320 and UVD 170/340, 2000 Hours Thermo/Dionex Deuterium
8002-0702 Deuterium Lamp for Thermo/Dionex UVD-3000, 2000 Hours Thermo/Dionex Deuterium
8005-0704 Deuterium Lamp for Waters 2487/2488 UV/Vis and ACQUITY TUV, 2000 Hours Waters Deuterium
8005-0705 Deuterium Lamp for Waters 996/2996/ACQUITY 2996 PDA, 2000 Hours Waters Deuterium
8001-0705 Tungsten Lamp for Shimadzu SPD-20AV and SPD-10AV/Avvp, 1200 Hours Shimadzu Tungsten
8001-0703 Tungsten Lamp for Shimadzu SPD-M10Avp and SPD-M20A, 1200 Hours Shimadzu Tungsten
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified environment
  • Quartz glass bulbs for extended lifetime
  • Individually tested for light intensity, noise and drift, correct operating voltage, and proper alignment for low lamp-to-lamp variability
  • Tight QA/QC with traceability for each lamp throughout every step of the product process
  • Deuterium lamps provide high output stability and intensity for extended detection capabilities and improved qualification at trace level
  • All deuterium lamps have a guaranteed lifetime of 2000 hours
  • Tungsten lamps offer coverage in the visible wavelength range for high sensitivity detection
  • Average lifetime of tungsten lamps range from 1200 to 5000 hours depending on operation conditions such as operation cycles, soft start, and operation voltage
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