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SCAT SymLine FLEX is a clever plug and play system for the safe collection of liquid waste. The flexible waste disposal system is simple to instal using a do-it-yourself modular system. It can be flexibly adapted and integrated at any time. All components are anti-static and resistant to solvents.

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Part Number Short Description Price Qty
106688 SymLine FLEX - Basic 32 pipe PE-HD electrostatic conductive
106689 SymLine FLEX - Extension 2 PE-HD electrostatic conductive 1x
106690 SymLine FLEX - Extension 1 PE-HD electrostatic conductive le
106691 SymLine FLEX - Table mount for piping system
106692 SymLine FLEX - Starter Set Standard
106694 SymLine FLEX - Starter Set Premium
106695 SymLine FLEX - Wall mount for piping system
106700 SymLine FLEX - Extension 3 PE-HD electrostatic conductive le
  • Simple, non-destructive installation – table or wall mounting possible
  • Do-it-yourself modular system – designed to fit your laboratory requirements
  • Can be flexibly adapted integrated at any time – the system can be adjusted to fit if there are changes to your lab
  • Central collection point for solvent waste – liquids are safely collected at one central point
  • Anti-static and resistant to solvents – electrically conductive plastic ensures grounding/earthing to avoid danger of ignition
SymLine Flex Brochure (4.30 MB)
Flexible waste disposal system for HPLC work stations
SymLine FLEX Construction and Installation Guide (4.60 MB)
Installation guide for SCAT SymLine FLEX system
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