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LC and LC-MS Solvents and Additives

LC and LC-MS Chemicals and Additives from Agilent

Agilent LC and LC-MS solvents and additives are manufactured to have the lowest levels of impurities and consistent lot-to-lot quality. Our solvents are designed specifically to work with Agilent instrumentation and applications.

InfinityLab Ultrapure LC/MS Solvents are a portfolio of LC-MS grade solvents that provides best-in-class acetonitrile, methanol and water. With newer LC-MS instruments having lower detection limits and regulations requiring ppb and ppt analysis of compounds, it is important to have LC-MS grade solvents that does not increase baseline noise. These InfinityLab Ultrapure LC-MS solvents have been developed by Agilent R&D and manufactured to have one of the lowest amounts of overall organic and metal contaminants in the industry. Our use of clear borosilicate bottles and smaller volumes (1L bottles) also increases the lot-to-lot quality by reducing the number of contaminants leaching from the bottle.

InfinityLab deactivator additive is a unique mobile phase additive that deactivates metal ions in your instrument to improve the resolution and detection limit of metal-sensitive analytes for LC-MS experiments. This universal additive works with any LC or LC-MS instrument. For experimental setups using stainless steel instruments, the additive eliminates most tailing and reproducibility issues while significantly improving the sensitivity of multiple phosphorylated and carboxylated compounds in LC-MS experiments.

Part Number Short Description Volume Price Qty
G1946-85021 5M Ammonium Formate for LC-MS 6 x 2.2 mL
G2453-85050 DG-Acetonitrile, LC-MS Grade, 1L 1 L
G2453-85060 DG-Formic Acid, Reagent Grade, 5mL 5 mL
G1969-85026 DG-HPLC Flushing Solvent, 500mL 500 mL
5191-4496 DG-InfinityLab Ultrapure LCMS Acetonitrile, 1L 1 L
5191-4497 DG-InfinityLab Ultrapure LCMS Methanol, 1L 1 L
5191-3940 InfinityLab Deactivator Additive, 25mL 25 mL
5191-4506 InfinityLab Deactivator Additive, 50mL 50 mL
5191-4498 InfinityLab Ultrapure LCMS Water, 1L 1 L

InfinityLab Ultrapure LC-MS Solvents

  • These solvents were developed and qualified with Agilent instrumentation to have the best-in-class lowest overall contaminants
  • Manufacturing specifications are best-in-class and approved by Agilent manufacturing and R&D
  • Reduce troubleshooting time and extends the life of columns with reduce contaminants
  • This solvent portfolio was manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Our small-batch mentality and bottling procedures increases the lot-to-lot quality and reduces solvent contamination
  • Best used with high-end Agilent LC-MS instrumentation (QQQ, QTOF, and TOF), but can be used with any LC-MS instrument and vendor

InfinityLab Deactivator Additive

Reduce metal-analyte interaction – the InfinityLab deactivator additive chelates free metals and covers exposed active metal sites in the sample flowpath to reduce metal-analyte interaction. This in turn facilitates the identification/quantification of metal-sensitive analytes and achieves lower detection limits by LC-MS.

Amenable to LC/MS use – the additive is optimized for use at a concentration of 5 µM (1:1000 dilution) with minimal ion suppression effects observed. Also, the additive does not persist in the LC-MS system after use (unlike traditional ion pairing reagents).

Flexible use – the additive was initially developed for hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) with the PEEK-lined Agilent InfinityLab Poroshell 120 HILIC-Z column for metabolomics applications. Additional experiments demonstrated that the additive could be used for other chromatography modes (e.g. reversed-phase chromatography).

Operational time and cost savings for HILIC LC-MS – saves the 24+ hours needed to condition your system. Avoid lengthy derivatization procedures and potential system contamination from ion pairing agents. Analysis time can be reduced by more than 30 % and limits of detection increased for challenging compounds such as phosphorylated metabolites, phosphate pesticides, and organic acids.

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