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Agilent Captiva EMR

Agilent Captiva EMR (Enhanced Matrix Removal) enables pass-through filtration with selective removal of matrix interferences. This selective retention of unwanted analyte interferences includes removal of pigments that interfere with analysis, like chlorophyll.

The Captiva EMR product line can now be targeted to specific sample types based on interferences.
EMR-HCF1 or EMR-HCF2 used for samples with high chlorophyll in a fresh leafy vegetables like spinach, rocket, or chard.
EMR-GPF used for general pigments in fresh foods such as berries, peppers, or broccoli.
EMR-GPD used for general pigmented dry foods such as spices, seasoning, and herbal medicine.
EMR-LPD used for samples that are dried with lower pigments such as nuts, tobacco, light pigmented spices, or seeds.


Part Number Short Description SPE Format Tube Size (ml) Pack Size Price Qty
5610-2091 EMR-GPD with Carbon S, 6mL, 30pk Filter Cartridge 6 mL 30
5610-2090 EMR-GPF with Carbon S, 3mL, 50pk Filter Cartridge 3 mL 50
5610-2088 EMR-HCF1 with NH2/Carbon S, 3mL, 50pk Filter Cartridge 3 mL 50
5610-2089 EMR-HCF2 with PSA/Carbon S, 3mL, 50pk Filter Cartridge 3 mL 50
5610-2092 EMR-LPD with Carbon S, 6mL, 30pk Filter Cartridge 6 mL 30
  • Highly selective and efficient removal of matrix interferences
  • Carbon S sorbent improves recoveries and RSDs of planar pesticides over the traditional GCB sorbent
  • Clog-free operation - advanced filter design and construction technology ensures easy flow
  • Save 15 to 30% sample preparation time and improve precision: no need to develop lengthy solid phase extraction (SPE) protocols
Agilent Carbon S Products Brochure (2.04 MB)
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