Captiva EMR-Lipid

Captiva EMR-Lipid from Agilent Technologies

Captiva EMR–Lipid provides highly selective and efficient lipid/matrix removal without unwanted analyte loss. The novel EMR-Lipid technology removes lipids based on a combination of size exclusion and hydrophobic interaction. Effective lipid removal assures minimal ion suppression of target analytes, which significantly improves method reliability and ruggedness.

The 96-well plate and 1 mL cartridge formats contain a solvent retention frit, which allows solvent-first in-well protein precipitation which streamlines sample preparation and the improved filter design gives easy flow with vacuum or positive pressure.

The 3 mL and 6 mL cartridge formats allow gravity flow with the absence of solvent retention frits and are easy to use.

Captiva EMR-Lipid

  • Highly selective and efficient lipid removal: the unique EMR—Lipid mechanism combines size exclusion and hydrophobic interactions between the sorbent and the long aliphatic chain of lipids
  • Clog-free operation: advanced filter design and construction technology ensures an easy flow
  • Time savings and improved precision: A protein crash solvent retention frit in 1 mL and 96-well plate formats promotes a streamlined, automatable in-well protein precipitation workflow