Captiva Filter Plates + Cartridges

Captiva Filtration Plates and Cartridges from Agilent

Filtration is simple, versatile, and necessary to prevent clogging of HPLC columns. Captiva's unique dual depth filtration media provides complete removal of precipitated proteins and outstanding resistance to sample clogging.

Captiva 96-well filter plates are available in 0.2 and 0.45 µm depths, and are ideal for preparing precipitated protein samples for LC/MS. Captiva 10 and 20 µm glass fiber filter plates are designed for clarifying highly particle-laden samples. These plates are perfect for automated systems and for use with Duo Seal 96-well seals.

Captiva filter cartridges bring all the benefits of Captiva filtration plates to the standard SPE cartridge format. While Captiva 3 mL non-drip (ND) cartridges are designed for workflows using a vacuum manifold, with 0.2 µm pore size filters they can be used with either methanol or acetonitrile. Plus Captiva NDLipids cartridges are available to remove ion suppressing phospholipids from samples before LC-MS testing.

All Captiva components are ultra clean, and rigorously tested to ensure against nonspecific binding. Starter kits contain everything you need to get up and running with minimum fuss. Replacement kits include everything you need to replenish your Captiva system.

Captiva Filter Plates + Cartridges

  • Standard SPE format
  • Ideal for LC-MS samples
  • Avoid sample transfer problems
  • Non-Drip (ND) 3 mL cartridges resist flow until vacuum is applied
  • Use Captiva NDLipids to effectively remove ion supressing phospholipids from biological samples