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Captiva ND + ND Lipids

Captiva ND and ND Lipids from Agilent

Captiva ND plates are a simple to use filtration device designed for the high throughput, automated, in-well protein precipitation. Built with a unique non-drip (ND) membrane, Captiva ND plates allow for solvent first protein precipitation using methanol or acetonitrile. The unique dual-filter design delivers fast, uniform flow to avoid filter plugging and ensure reliable filtrate recovery.

In addition, Capitiva NDLipids plates are designed to effectively remove phospholipids from biofluids. Ion suppression is significantly reduced for enhanced sensitivity and precision during trace analysis. The depletion of lipid compounds also results in better peak shapes and more reproducible retention times. Captiva ND plates ensure high sample throughput and help to reduce instrumentation downtime in the laboratory, with virtually no need for method development for a wide range of analytes.

Part Number Short Description Porosity SPE Format Material Price Qty
A5969002 Captiva ND 0.2um PP 96-well Plate 5pk 0.2 um Filter Plate Polypropylene
A5969045 Captiva ND 0.45um PP 96-well Plate 5pk 0.45 um Filter Plate Polypropylene
A59640002B Captiva ND Lipids 96-well Filter Plate 100pk 0.2 um Filter Plate
A59640002I Captiva ND Lipids 96-well Filter Plate 1pk 0.2 um Filter Plate
A59640002V Captiva ND Lipids 96-well Filter Plate 5pk 0.2 um Filter Plate
A59640002RK Captiva ND Lipids 96-well Filter Replacement Kit 0.2 um Kit
A59640002SK Captiva ND Lipids 96-well Filter Starter Kit 0.2 um Kit
  • Non-drip: resists organic solvent flow until vacuum is applied, allowing for streamlined, fully automatable workflow
  • Exceptional flow: dual depth filter design allows for fast uniform treatment of samples while avoiding membrane plugging or lost samples
  • Thorough protein removal: the in-well filter design removes proteins as efficiently as centrifugation while avoiding additional handling steps and un-intentional pellet transfer
Captiva Filtration Portfolio Brochure (1.08 MB)

Overview of the Agilent Captiva sample preparation filtration portfolio

Captiva ND & ND Lipid Brochure (1.20 MB)

 Contains technical information on the Captiva ND and ND Lipid products

Captiva ND & ND Lipids Method Guide (684.34 kB)

General instructions on using Captiva ND and ND Lipids products

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