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Resolvex Positive Pressure Manifolds

Resolvex positive pressure manifolds provide reproducibility, uniformity, and precise processing power during sample preparation. The Resolvex range includes standalone benchtop units offering both manual and automated processing solutions for time-consuming sample preparation workflows.

Gas-based positive pressure SPE delivers maximum process reproducibility and uniformity across columns and plate wells. Resolvex positive pressure manifolds benefit from adjustable or programmable pressure settings, allowing you to optimize flow rates, reduce processing times and enhance analytical performance.

The Resolvex M10 is a compact, positive pressure benchtop system for manual solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation. The system requires minimal training before use and can easily integrate into any laboratory workflow. It provides a processing solution for 96-well plates, and 1, 3 or 6 ml SPE cartridges.

The Resolvex A200 is an industry-leading, compact standalone system for automated positive pressure processing. It combines programmable dispensing and pressure profiles, plate detection, and safety features, and requires minimal human intervention. In addition to the compact benchtop version, the Resolvex A200 can also be integrated into Tecan's industry-leading liquid handling platforms, providing a seamless workflow for high throughput applications.

The Resolvex range of positive pressure manifolds has been optimized for use with Tecan’s suite of Cerex and NBE SPE cartridges and well plates.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
253-1160 Resolvex A200 96 Positive Pressure Instrument 1
288-0006 Resolvex M10-XT 96 Positive Pressure Instrument 1
289-0004 Resolvex M10 48 Positive Pressure Instrument 1
288-0001 Resolvex M10 96 Positive Pressure Instrument 1

M10 Positive Pressure Manifold
The manual M10 48/96 workstations featuring the core benefits of positive pressure technology coupled with ease of use, outstanding robustness and minimal maintenance for daily SPE sample preparation.

  • Positive pressure regulation from 0-5 bar
  • Restricted-flow gas port allows single well pressure control
  • Supports 1, 3, 6 mL (M10-48), or 1 mL cartridges, 96-well plates (M10-96)
  • Operates NBE, Cerex or suitable third party columns
  • Automatically adjusts to various plate heights or different columns sizes
  • Column drying and slight evaporation function
  • Suitable for use with difficult and dirty matrices
  • Plug and Play, easy to operate


A200 Positive Pressure Manifold
The A200 automates SPE and provides reproducible sample preparation with minimized manual intervention. The system features variable pressure profiles for gentle or strong pressure application coupled with automated dispensing of wash and elution buffers.

  • Programmable pressure profiles from 0-5 bar
  • Automatic 8-channel dispenser for 11 solvents
  • Restricted-flow gas port allows single well pressure control
  • Supports 96 well plates or variable number of framed 1mL colums
  • Operates NBE, Cerex or suitable third party columns
  • Automated column drying and slight evaporation function
  • Suitable for use with difficult and dirty matrices
  • Easy to learn and freely programmable via touch screen
  Resolvex M10 48 Resolvex M10 96 Resolvex A200
Operation Manual Manual Semi-automated
Number of samples Up to 48 Up to 96 Up to 96
Columns or plates 1, 3, and 6 mL columns 1 mL columns and 96-well plates 1 mL columns and 96-well plates
Positive pressure 0-80 psi 0-80 psi 0-80 psi
Plate height Self adjusting Self adjusting Self adjusting
Solvent dispensing No No Yes (up to 11 protocol solvents)
Pressure and flow control options Manual Manual Programmable
Resolvex M10 Flyer (211.59 kB)
Manual positive pressure manifold for solid phase extraction
Resolvex A200 Flyer (1.75 MB)
Positive pressure workstation for MS sample prep
Tecan Catalogue (1.23 MB)

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