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AA Nebulizers and Supplies for PerkinElmer

Nebulizers and Supplies for PerkinElmer from Agilent

Agilent nebulizers for PerkinElmer AA systems provide the best precision, efficient drainage, minimal burner blockage, and reduced interferences.

Part Number Short Description Price Qty
8003-0818 Capillary assembly for Corrosion-Resistant Nebulizer
8003-0827 Capillary assembly for SS Nebulizer
8003-0864 Capillary assembly metal body neb for PE AA
8003-0406 Capillary Tubing PE AA + ICP nebulizer 10ft
8003-0820 End cap assembly for metal body nebulizers for PerkinElmer AAnalyst 100/200/300/400/700/800
8003-0836 High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Pt/Ir Capillary 
8003-0860 Impact Bead for High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary 
8003-0819 Nebulizer assembly corrosion-resistant
8003-0831 Nebulizer assembly High-Sensitive GemTip
8003-0828 Nebulizer assembly SS for PinAAcle
8003-0950 Nebulizer Hi-Sens with Pt/Ir Cap PinAAcle
8003-0837 Nebulizer kit for AAnalyst
8003-0409 Nebulizer Tubing Assembly
8003-0825 O-Ring 0.176in id x 0.070in WD for Stainless steel Nebulizer Assembly       
8003-0824 O-Ring 0.208in id x 0.070in WD for Stainless steel Nebulizer Assembly       
8003-0862 O-Ring for High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary 
8003-0863 O-Ring for High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary-AAnal 
8003-0861 O-Ring for High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary-PinAA 
8003-0826 O-Ring Kit for Nebulizer assembly
8003-0835 O-Ring. High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Ta Capillary 
8003-0834 O-Ring. High-Sensitive Nebulizer with Pt/Ir Capillary 
8003-0830 Spring for GemTip nebulizer - Aanalyst
8003-0865 Spring for Hi-Sensitivity Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary
8003-0823 Spring for metal body nebulizer assembly
8003-0833 Spring, High-Sensitivity Nebulizer with Pt-Ir Capillary 
8003-0822 Stainless steel Nebulizer Assembly
8003-0832 Universal GemTip Nebulizer Assembly
  • Guaranteed to be compatible with PerkinElmer instruments
  • Backed by the Agilent Stand Behind Warranty that guarantees the parts will not cause instrument failure or downtime
  • Parts qualified on a genuine PerkinElmer system
  • Many parts in Agilent packaging designed to be more durable, sturdy and provide the best protection during shipping to ensure the part arrives with no damage
  • Full portfolio of AA, ICP-OES, and ICP-MS consumables and standards to ensure your PerkinElmer system runs at peak performance
Agilent Spectroscopy Supplies Catalogue (28.76 MB)
AA / ICP-MS / ICP-OES / MP-AES / UV-Vis and FTIR Supplies from Agilent
PerkinElmer AA Supplies Brochure (3.03 MB)

Contains info on Agilent's range of supplies for PerkinElmer AA instruments

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