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Argon Gas Filters for ICP-OES

Argon Gas Filters for ICP-OES from Agilent

Impure gases can cause installation delays, premature instrument failure, and flawed results. Purification is one of the most important steps you can take to optimize your ICP-OES system performance. Agilent brings the highest performance of gas purifiers to ICP-OES instrument users. We manufacture our own range of gas purifying cartridges specifically designed to remove impurity gases, moisture and hydrocarbons from the ICP-OES gas supplies. We recommend that each Agilent ICP-OES system uses a gas purification system with Agilent gas purifying cartridges. These systems ensure the highest quality gas and include a tag to remind you when replacement is required, so you can replace them before sensitivity decreases, results are impacted or the instrument suffers other failures. Agilent gas purifying cartridges for ICP-OES are a cost effective safety and preventative measure to assure the supply of the highest purity gas to your ICP-OES instrumentation.

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