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Agilent Select GC Columns for Permanent Gases/CO2

Agilent J&W Select Permanent Gases/CO2 is a set of two parallel columns that combines CP-Molsieve 5Å for permanent gas analysis and CP-PoraBOND Q for CO2 analysis. Column dimensions meet the need for fast separation, lowest level analysis, and quantification of argon/oxygen. The Select Permanent Gases column separates permanent gases and CO2 in a single run, and columns are coupled, tested, and securely mounted on the EZ-GRIP column mounting system.

Part Number Short Description Phase Type Material Price Qty
CP7429 Select Permanent Gases/CO2 Select Permanent Gases/CO2 7 inch Fused Silica
CP7430 Select Permanent Gases/HR Select Permanent Gases/HR 7 inch Fused Silica
CP914310 Select Permanent Gases/HR (CP7430), with Deactivated Metal Y-Splitters Select Permanent Gases/HR 7 inch Fused Silica
  • Set of two parallel columns: CP-Molsieve 5Å for permanent gases and PoraBOND Q for CO2 analysis
  • Isothermal separation at temperatures > 40°C eliminates the need for cryogenics
  • Temperature stability up to 300°C allows short regeneration times and improves efficiency
  • One injector, one detector simplifies operation
  • Engineered for fast separation, low level analysis and quantification of argon/oxygen
  • Separates permanent gases and CO2 in a single run
  • Coupled, tested and securely mounted on EZ-GRIP column mount
  • For resolution of the difficult-to-separate argon/oxygen and helium/neon pairs, use CP7530 Select Permanent Gases/HR (High Resolution) column
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