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Agilent Select Low Sulfur PLOT GC Columns

Agilent J&W Select Low Sulfur meets the specific needs of petrochemical chemists who need lower detection limits for sulfur components in propylene. This column provides significantly lower detection limits due to the highest inertness towards volatile reactive sulfur components.

Part Number Short Description Phase ID Length Type Material Price Qty
CP8575 Select Low Sulfur, 60m x 0.32mm Select Low Sulfur 0.32 mm 60 m 7 inch Fused Silica
  • Highest degree of column inertness provides better peak shape for active compounds
  • Low detection limits for sulfur compounds
  • Unique selectivity prevents co-elution and matrix interferences in propylene streams
  • Highly permeable PLOT stationary phase provides high retention of volatile components
  • Unique QC testing procedure results in consistent column inertness performance
  • Mechanical stability results in no particle loss

Select Low Sulfur Intuvo GC Columns with Smart Key are also available, which are specifically designed for use with the Intuvo 9000 GC instrument.

Select Low Sulfur Temperature Specifications

ID 0.32 mm
Length 60 m
Temperature Limits 185 °C 
Agilent GC Column Brochure (11.67 MB)

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