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Agilent Select PAH GC Columns

Agilent J&W Select PAH is the first capillary column that provides a single solution for PAH analysis by separating all the isomers, thereby avoiding false positives and inaccurate results. By resolving PAH isomers, it provides easy, fast, and accurate quantification of PAHs in environmental and food samples.

Select PAH provides full separations of EPA PAHs in less than seven minutes and EU PAHs in less than thirty minutes, including separation of chrysene, triphenylene, and benzofluoranthene (type b, j, and k), with no need for additional analysis.

Part Number Short Description Film Thickness Phase ID Length Type Material Price Qty
CP7461 Select PAH, 15m x 0.15mm x 0.1um 0.10 um Select PAH 0.15 mm 15 m 7 inch Fused Silica
CP7462 Select PAH, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.15um 0.15 um Select PAH 0.25 mm 30 m 7 inch Fused Silica
  • Full separation for all PAH isomers avoids false positives and inaccurate results
  • Full separation of EPA PAHs in less than 7 minutes and EU PAHs in less than 30 minutes including separation of chrysene, triphenylene and benzofluoranthene (type b, j, and k)
  • Fast results with no need for further analysis
  • Low bleed enhances sensitivity
  • Tested with the tightest industry QC specifications for column bleed, sensitivity, and efficiency
  • Performance Summary shipped with each column

Select PAH Intuvo GC Columns with Smart Key are also available, which are specifically designed for use with the Intuvo 9000 GC instrument.

Select PAH Temperature Specifications

ID 0.15 – 0.25 mm
Length 15 – 30 m
Film 0.10 – 0.15 µm
Temperature Limits 40 – 325/350°C
Agilent GC Column Brochure (11.67 MB)

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