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Syringe Filter Selection Guide

Use our quick, interactive syringe filter selection guide to find out what filter is best suited to your analysis. In a few clicks you can submit your recommendations and we will send you a free, personalised sample pack. **Please note this offer is for the UK only**


While you are here you should also look at our filtration products page. With the UK’s widest range of chromatography supplies, we offer plenty of choice.

Alternatively, you can contact our technical support team to help you make the correct syringe filter selection.

But… Do I Even Need Syringe Filters?

Yes. You really should be using syringe filters! Sure, it might increase sample preparation time but it is imperative that you appreciate the importance of this additional time and build it into your lab workflow. We put together an infographic outlining the importance of syringe filters. Check it out below.


Know Your Syringe Filters

We’ve also put together a poster, identifying the different kinds of syringe filter.
Download it for free below, or wait and get your complimentary high quality printed copy with your first order of syringe filters.

Download a high res A2 PDF of the syringe filter identification poster


You can also download a low res A2 PDF of the syringe filter identification poster



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