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Thermo Scientific TR-50MS GC Columns

Thermo Scientific TRACE TR-50MS GC columns are mid polarity columns well suited to GC/MS applications.

Part Number Short Description Film Thickness Phase USP ID Length Type Material Price Qty
260R142P TR-50MS, 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um 0.25 um TR-50MS G3 0.25 mm 30 m 7 inch Fused Silica
260R143P TR-50MS, 30m x 0.32mm x 0.25um 0.25 um TR-50MS G3 0.32 mm 30 m 7 inch Fused Silica
  • 50%-phenylpolysilphenylenesiloxane
  • Mid polarity
  • Low bleed decreases column contamination
  • Particularly useful for applications requiring a higher temperature and more polarity than a 5% phenyl column
  • Column inertness results in minimal peak tailing and decreased breakdown of sensitive samples
  • Temperature limits: 360/370°C
  • Equivalent to USP phase G3

Applications: herbicides, drugs of abuse, EPA 604, 608, 8060, 8081, pharmaceuticals

Similar Phases: OV-17, SP-2250, DB-17, DB-17MS, BPX50, Rtx-50, SPB-50, HP-50+, HP-17, AT50, RSL-300, PE-17, CC-17, SPB-17, ZB-50

TR-50MS Temperature Specifications

ID 0.25 – 0.32 mm
Length 30 m
Film 0.25 µm
Temperature Limits 360/370°C


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