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GC Troubleshooting and Maintenance - Practical

1 Day

A logical approach to troubleshooting is explored using both the Component (hardware based) and Symptomatic (chromatogram based) perspectives. Best practice for instrument maintenance and column handling as well as routines for cleaning and deactivating inlet and detection systems is discussed to aid the user in prolonging the intervals between essential system maintenance.

In-depth treatment of the causes of peak shape and baseline anomalies are fully covered, this course is invaluable to anyone who wishes to gain further insight into the problems associated with GC analysis.


  • Carrying out user-level maintenance
  • Apply preventative maintenance principles to keep instruments online and in optimal condition
  • Combining chromatographic and systematic symptom diagnostics to perform required maintenance
  • Investigating causes of instrument/chromatogram issues to prevent further issues rather than just treating the symptoms

Approaches to Logical Troubleshooting

  • Logical troubleshooting
  • System overview
  • Component perspective
  • Symptomatic perspective
  • System maintenance records
  • Symptom / Causes / Diagnosis & Solution

Column Installation

  • Installation and conditioning of a capillary column
  • Column length calculation
  • Run Check Out sample and record peak retention time, peak area and efficiency
  • Column troubleshooting

Inlet Maintenance

  • Stripping the Inlet.- Liner, gold seal, septum and split vent trap replacement
  • The Gas flow path and hydraulic control
  • Pressure test inlet
  • Inlet troubleshooting

Inlet and Oven Parameters

  • The effect of split ratio of peak shape and quantitative Accuracy
  • Investigating oven initial temperature
  • Inlet troubleshooting questions

Detector Maintenance

  • Stripping and cleaning the FID Troubleshooting Strategy
  • Bringing it all together with questions and a practical challenge!

This course is designed for those relatively new to GC and ideally will follow-on from attendance to the Fundamental GC training course.

Some previous knowledge of gas chromatography and basic experience are recommended but not essential.

GC Troubleshooting

GC Method Development


Interpretation of GC-MS Data

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