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We offer a variety of HPLC training courses including fundamentals, method development, and troubleshooting and maintenance. 

Our courses are designed to fit your needs, catering to all levels of experience and in-house equipment. Our experienced practitioners-turned-trainers ensure that your team has the competence and knowledge to succeed in all aspects of HPLC. Through a combination of theory and practical examples, gain all the knowledge you need to improve lab workflows.

Find a selection of our courses below. They can all be tailored to your individual training needs. 

Our HPLC Training Courses

The Fundamentals of HPLC

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

HPLC Method Development

Training for the HPLC Operator


Crawford Scientific is the brains behind CHROMacademy, the eLearning platform used by 80,000 chromatographers worldwide. Between our bank of HPLC learning content, interactive HPLC troubleshooter, and Bootcamps (endorsed by RSC and ACS) it offers everything you need to gain skills and knowledge in HPLC. Increase competence and empower and watch your workflows improve. 

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