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Mass Spectrometry Training 

GC-MS and LC-MS training courses to improve mass-spectrometry workflows

Mass spectrometry is becoming increasingly popular due to the profound analytical benefits it presents. However, it is often viewed as something of a dark art due to its complex and unforgiving nature. Whether your staff are experienced or beginners, we can help you improve your knowledge and processes of both GC-MS and LC-MS.  

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Mass Spectrometry Training Courses

Interpretation of GC-MS Data

Interpretation of LC-MS Data


Element is the brains behind CHROMacademy - the world's largest chromatography and mass spec eLearning platform. This offers a flexible learning experience for experienced and novice chromatographed. Alongside our interactive troubleshooting tools, this comprehensive bank of learning content, delivered on a cutting-edge LMS, is the perfect tool to boost your workflows. 

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