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Dissolution Training

1 Day

This training course provides a comprehensive overview of the entire dissolution testing process.

We cover all the basic theory behind dissolution, look at the use of type 1 and type 2 apparatus, including calibration, calculation and evaluation of results and method development considerations.

This not only provides a good introduction to those new to dissolution but also provides substantial information to labs looking to develop their own methods or improve existing practice—an invaluable insight into dissolution testing.

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  • Introduction – the human gastrointestinal tract and solid dose formulations
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Dissolution apparatus
  • Dissolution media
  • Sampling
  • System calibration and performance verification
  • Calculation of results
  • Method development

Basics of Dissolution Testing

  • Overview of the human GI tract
  • Conventional oral solid dose formulations
  • Apparatus 1 and 2 methods
  • Typical system setup

Dissolution Media

  • Role of the media
  • Common additives
  • Deaeration

Sampling Methods

  • Manual and automated sampling
  • Filtration

Calculation of Results

  • Q and instant release
  • Mass and volume correction
  • Common causes of result failures

Equipment Verification

  • Enhanced mechanical calibration
  • Single and two-stage performance verification testing

Method Development

  • The development process
  • Key method parameters
  • Setting limits

This course is for analysts at many levels – for those new to dissolution testing who require a good foundation in the subject, more experienced analysts who need greater understanding to improve troubleshooting or labs needing to develop or optimise dissolution methods

Basic knowledge of chemistry is advantageous. Previous experience using dissolution equipment will be beneficial.

HPLC Operator

HPLC Troubleshooting

HPLC Method Development

Calibration and Quantitation

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