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Online Training Calendar

Courses run from 9am to 1pm GMT.  All courses delivered online via GoToTraining.

Course Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
HPLC Courses
HPLC Fundamentals 20th - 21st 25th - 26th 18th - 19th
HPLC Troubleshooting 8th - 9th 14th - 15th 27th - 28th
HPLC Method Development 2nd - 3rd 13th - 14th 16th - 17th 23rd - 24th
GC Courses
GC Fundamentals 5th - 6th 3rd - 4th 16th 17th
GC Troubleshooting 22nd - 23rd 1st - 2nd 25th - 26th
GC Method Development 18th - 19th 18th - 19th
GC Headspace 15th
Mass Spec (MS) Courses
LC-MS for the Chromatographer 23rd - 24th
LC-MS Data Interpretation Level 1 12th - 13th 9th - 10th
LC-MS Data Interpretation Level 2 19th - 20th 23rd - 24th
GC-MS for the Chromatographer 16th - 17th 7th - 8th 7th - 8th
GC-MS Data Interpretation 30th – 31st 20th - 21st
Data Analysis Courses
Analytical Method Validation 25th - 26th 6th - 7th 4th - 5th
Forced Degradation 16th 2nd
Statistics for Analytical Chemists 23rd - 24th 2nd - 3rd
Advanced Statistics for Analytical Chemists 27th - 28th 14th - 15th
Calibration & Quantitation 3rd - 4th 6th - 7th
Other Courses
Introduction to Sample Preparation 25th - 26th 9th - 10th
Fundamental ICP-MS         8th - 9th

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