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Ultra Inert GC Column Phase Equivalency Tables

The tables below show the range of Ultr Inert (UI) columns available with the corresponding USP nomenclature to help you select the right Agilent GC Column for you USP method.

Ultra Inert GC Columns - allow you to perform trace level analysis – including the analysis of acids, bases, or other active compounds – with the utmost confidence. They also help ensure an inert GC flow path that is essential for sensitivity, performance, and the integrity of your analytical results.

USP Similar Restek SGE OhioValley Phenomenex Machery-Nagel Supelco PerkinElmer Thermo
DB-1ms UI, HP-1ms UI G1, G2, G38       ZB-1plus OPTIMA 1 MS Accent     TG-5SilMS
DB-5ms UI, HP-5ms UI G27, G36, G41 Rxi-5SilMS BP5MS   ZB-5plus, ZB-5MSplus OPTIMA 5 MS Accent      
DB-35ms UI G28, G32, G42 Rxi-35SilMS              
DB-624 UI G43 Rxi-624SilMS     ZB-624plus       TG-624SilMS
DB-WAX UI G14, G15, G16, G20, G39       ZB-WAXplus        

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