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Agilent VF-DA GC Columns

Agilent J&W VF-DA is a unique, guaranteed low bleed column for forensic drug confirmation testing. The column has high recovery for trace components and excellent resistance to direct methanol injections. 

Most general screenings for forensic drugs are performed in a variety of matrices, using full scan GC/MS (EI). Since column bleed can negatively influence detection limits in full scan mode, the exceptional low bleed of this column is critically important for achieving reduced detection limits, improved accuracy, and a cleaner detector.

Part Number Short Description Film Thickness Phase ID Length Type Material Price Qty
CP8964 VF-DA, 12m x 0.2mm Optimized Film VF-DA 0.20 mm 12 m 7 inch Fused Silica
  • Engineered for drugs of abuse confirmation testing
  • High recovery for trace level analysis and excellent resistance to direct methanol injections
  • Ultra low bleed
  • Tested with the tightest industry QC specifications for column bleed, sensitivity, and efficiency
  • Performance Summary shipped with each column

VF-DA Temperature Specifications

ID 0.20 mm
Length 12 m
Film Thickness Optimised
Temperature Limits -60 – 325/350°C 
Agilent GC Column Brochure (11.67 MB)

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