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YMC-SEC MAB Biochromatography HPLC Columns

YMC-SEC MAB is especially designed for the analysis of antibodies, their fragments and aggregates to provide high resolution for the high and low molecular weight range.

The silica is derivatised with 1,2-dihydroxypropane and, with the variety of pore size available, allows analyses over a broad range of peptide to large proteins or antibodies.

YMC-SEC MAB columns are specially designed for the HPLC analysis of antibodies, their fragments or aggregates by size exclusion chromatography. This diol bonded silica based phase is the ideal choice for the high resolution of both the high molecular weight and low molecular weight species. YMC-SEC MAB ensures excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility and is fully compatible with detectors such as MALLS.

Part Number Short Description Phase Type Phase USP Particle Size ID Length Pore Size Type Price Qty
DLM25S03-3008WT YMC-SEC MAB Column, 25nm, 3um, 300 x 8mm Diol YMC-SEC MAB L20 3 um 8.0 mm 300 mm 250 A Column
DLM25S03-0104GC YMC-SEC MAB Guard Cartridge, 25nm, 3um, 10 x 4mm, 5pk Diol YMC-SEC MAB L20 3 um 4.0 mm 10 mm 250 A Guard
DLM25S03-3046WT YMC-SEC MAB SEC Column, 25nm, 3um, 300 x 4.6mm Diol YMC-SEC MAB L20 3 um 4.6 mm 300 mm 250 A Column
DLM25S03-0308WTG YMC-SEC MAB, Guard Cartridge, 25nm, 3um, 30 x 8mm, 1pk Diol YMC-SEC MAB L20 3 um 8.0 mm 30 mm 250 A Guard
  • Especially designed for antibody analysis
  • Best choice for Bio QC
  • Simultaneous analysis of monomers, fragments, and aggregates
  • Excellent resolution and peak shapes suitable
Phase Dihydroxypropyl
Suitable for for antibodies, fragments & aggregates
Pore Size 25 nm / 250 Å
Particle Size 3 µm
Particle Type Fully Porous
Molecular Weight Lower Limit 10 kDa
Molecular Weight Upper Limit 700 kDa
pH Range 5 - 7.5
Maximum Temperature 40°C
USP Designation L20 and L59
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