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SiELC Technologies

SiELC Technologies invent, develop and manufacture novel, revolutionary stationary phases for liquid chromatography. These phases offer unprecedented selectivity in the separation of a broad array of chemical compounds and can be used for multiple applications.

SiELC technologies also offer a method development service.

To enquire about method development or special custom LC-phases tailored for specific separations contact

Coresep Particle


SIELC Technologies has developed a new generation of unique stationary phases,  combining mixed-mode and core-shell approaches -  Coresep™. 
Mixed-mode columns offer much higher capacity and retention than traditional reversed-phase columns. Since the surface area of core-shell particles is reduced, mixed-mode phases address potential loadability issues whilst maintaining the selectivity advantages of multiple interactions. Newly optimized ligand density and ionic / hydrophobic ratios further increases the capacity of mixed-mode core-shell columns.

SHARC logo


SHARC 1™ is the first commercially available column whose primary separation mode is hydrogen bonding. The stationary phase is a hydrogen bond acceptor which interacts with electronegative atoms of analyte molecules. This unique column technology enables the separation of polar molecules of similar structure such as isomers and related impurities. 

SIELC Primesep


Primesep™HPLC columns are designed for mixed-mode separations and capable of separating a tremendous range of compounds by different separation modes based only on the mobile phase selection. With an embedded ion-pairing group, the columns require no ion-pairing reagents in the mobile phase to retain and separate ionizable polar compounds.

Columns are available in a wide range of I.D.s from 0.25 mm to 22 mm and compatible guard columns (no holder required) are also available with all stationary phases.

SIELC Obelisc


This range consists of two complimentary columns (Obelisc R and Obelisc N) which are based on Liquid Separation Cell (LiSC™) technology.

Obelisc R, has reversed-phase characteristics whereas Obelisc N is used for normal phase methods. These columns differ in the type and proximity of their charged groups and the hydrophobicity of their long chains. Obelisc R has cationic groups close to the silica surface separated from anionic groups by a hydrophobic chain in comparison to Obelisc N which has anions close to the surface separated from cationic groups by a hydrophilic chain.

Buffer concentration, pH and organic modifier concentration in the mobile phase can be adjusted to alter the properties of the stationary phase and enable separation of complex mixtures.

Promix Sielc


Promix is designed for the separation of closely related proteins and peptides. It enables 2-D HPLC with a single column and can separate peptides that differ by only one amino acid. These columns are completely scalable from capillary to prep.

See the Promix Brochure for a column selection guide.


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