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Vials and Caps

Vials, caps and closures to suit all application requirements and budgets

With a wide range of glass, closure and septa specifications, our vials are available in an unbeatable range of vial sizes, including 20 mL, and are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers. If you need any help with vial selection our technical experts can help. 

Chromatography vials are essential. We all use them, but take them for granted and overlook them as being sources of trouble. 

Screw Top Vials & Caps

 Screw vials and caps are a popular choice for HPLC and GC analysis.

Crimp Top Vials & Caps

We offer crimp top vials and crimp caps for use in HPLC and GC instruments.

Headspace Vials & Caps

Browse our range of vials and caps for headspace instruments.

Snap Top Vials & Caps

snap top vials and snap caps are an economical choice for most routine HPLC applications.

Microvials & Vial Inserts

Choose from glass or polypropylene vial inserts, high recovery vials, or fixed insert vials.

Polypropylene Vials

Available in screw, crimp, or snap top versions in a range of volumes.

Storage Vials

Sample storage vials are available as clear or amber glass vials in volumes ranging from 2 to 40 mL.

EPA Vials

Designed for water analysis applications using EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines.

Scintillation Vials

Glass, HDPE or PET vials are available in various volume capacities and with separate or pre-attached caps

MS Certified Vial Kits

Tested and certified for low background for use in high sensitivity LC-MS and GC-MS applications.

Vial Crimpers & Decappers

Choose from manual or electronic versions for installing or removing standard 11 mm crimp caps, or 20 mm headspace crimp caps.

Vial Racks

Organise chromatography vials for use on the lab bench, during transport, or for storage.

Need advice on vial and cap selection?

As a Element customer, you have direct access to our elite technical team

Expect technical support 

At Element, we're dedicated to helping our customers improve analytical outcomes.

Vials are simple, right? Wrong! Despite its diminutive appearance, the humble vial can be the source of countless lab problems. So it's important to get it right with the selection and implementation.

Some could argue that vials are the most important consumable. They're certainly the most widely bought, and anything that is bought in high quantity quickly adds up. So why not get in touch with our technical team to talk about all things vials and caps—these are things that we love to talk about. 


Vials FAQs

Our technical team frequently encounter problems in the lab associated with vials. We put together this 10-minute video guide to troubleshooting the surprisingly common range of problems seen with this most humble of consumables. 

And you probably thought vials couldn't possibly be an exciting topic of discussion! Think again.

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