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HPLC Supplies

The UK's leading provider of HPLC supplies and accessories

We offer competitive prices on leading manufacturers and take pride in our customer service. Our extensive portfolio of high-quality instrument parts and generic liquid chromatography supplies are designed to ensure performance and productivity for your day to day activities.

When you buy from Element, you don't just have access to our extensive catalogue of products, but you have total access to our experienced and knowledgeable technical team. We can help you with everything from product selection to improving and upgrading your method.  


Lamps & Detector Parts

Choosing the lamp that best fits your detector is crucial to ensure instrument performance and improve lab efficiency.

Pump Parts

Regular pump maintenance helps lower operating costs and generate precise results that make you feel confident.

Autosampler Supplies

Following a regular schedule of preventive maintenance can ensure a lifetime of defensible results.

Capillaries & Fittings

A comprehensive range of capillaries and fittings manufactured to the highest level of quality to protect the integrity of the chromatographic results.

Solvent Management

A range of high-quality products for solvent management.

HPLC Instrument Benches

High-quality LC instrument module racks offer complete protection for LC systems while giving you fast, safe access to instrument components, solvent bottles, pumps, columns, and accessories.

Bio-Inert Supplies

Supplies for the HPLC analysis of proteins and biotherapeutics. 


Manual injection valves are designed to ensure trouble-free operation with your HPLC system.

LC-MS Supplies

Find all of the mass spectrometry supplies you need to keep your LC mass spectrometer running at peak performance.

Fraction Collectors

Fraction collectors are designed to process data in real-time for instantaneous and precise fraction collection while increasing throughput on your purification system.

LC Syringes

With a broad selection of syringes for manual and auto-injectors, we have what you need for accurate and effective sampling.

Chip LC Supplies

 A range of Chip LC supplies and replacement parts manufactured to high levels of quality and performance.

Column Compartment

A comprehensive range of high-quality supplies to ensure the ongoing performance of the thermostatted column compartment in LC systems.

Maintenance Kits & Tools

Kits that provide a convenient, cost-effective way to make sure your instruments are properly maintained.

Get value for money with our Technical Team

We can help you with a number of problems and advise you on HPLC supplies and accessories

When you get your consumables from Element, you also gain direct access to our dedicated technical department. We employ experienced chromatography practitioners to work with all our customers on any number of problems. Whether it's help with troubleshooting, or even suitable products or ways of improving your method - we have the experience and know-how to help. 

With decades of collective experience honed from hands-on practice, and a large library of references materials, we can help you get the most out of your products and improve lab workflows.

Already a Element customer? Then why not get in touch? 

HPLC Column Blog

Read our popular HPLC blog, diligently put together by our experienced technical team. We write about what's on the minds of chromatographers, ensuring our output is pertinent and relevant to many practitioners. Categorised into methods, columns, practice, and troubleshooting - you're sure to find some helpful guidance and food for thought. 

HPLC Method Development

To help you get the most out of your HPLC supplies, we also offer HPLC method development services. A well-designed method is at the heart of every efficient lab. Consult with us and find the best way to conduct your lab work, using the instruments you have available. 

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