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GC Columns

Select from the UK's leading supplier of GC Columns

We have an extensive catalogue of Agilent and OVSC GC columns. You will find capillary columns as well as plot and packed columns. Our Agilent range suits low, mid, and high polarity. We also stock PLOT & speciality GC columns as well as GC column retention gaps.  

With competitive prices and world-class customer and technical support, get your GC columns here.

High Polarity Columns

Our world-beating polar GC columns are designed for the lowest bleed and best peak shape. 

Low Polarity Columns

Element supply a wide range of GC columns for boiling point/simulated distillation analysis as well as the analysis of low polarity analytes.

Mid Polarity Columns

Mid Polarity GC columns with long lifetimes, available in a full range of standard and fast GC formats.

PLOT GC Columns

Find a wide range of Porous Layer Open Tubular columns for the analysis of highly volatile polar and non-polar compounds.

GC Column Retention Gaps

Retention gaps are used to improve peak shapes for some types of samples, columns, and GC conditions. 

Speciality GC Columns

GC columns for petrochemical, chemical, environmental, and chiral GC applications.

But we’re not just here to sell you GC Columns

All Element customers can access our industry-leading support from our dedicated technical team

Our dedicated technical team is what sets us apart from other consumables vendors. As an Element customer, you have direct access to our roster of experienced practitioners. If you don’t get to someone straight away, we endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours of your enquiry. Whether it’s GC column specification or a GC column selection guide, or just help to troubleshoot and get your instrument back online — we love to help.


Not sure where to start when selecting a GC column? Get in touch, and we can help you find what you’re looking for from our extensive selection of columns. 

GC Column Blog

Our technical team writes helpful technical articles every week, many of which focus solely on the subject of GC columns. You can find an entire section of our blog dedicated to GC columns - helping you with column selection, column degradation, column conditioning, and more. 

GC Column Selection

We have procedures in place to assist you with GC column selection. Let us help you find the correct column for your method and instrumentation. We also have a helpful eBook on the subject of column selection.

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