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HPLC Columns

From traditional, fully porous silica to core-shell columns, we offer an array of HPLC columns in C18 and other stationary phase chemistries to fulfil all of your separation requirements. We offer products from leading suppliers such as Agilent, Advanced Materials Technology, YMC, and many more. Vendor-neutral, our technical team can recommend the columns that best suit your needs.

Browse our range of HPLC columns below. 

Analytical Columns

Element offer a wide range of HPLC Columns for analytical scale chromatography.

Biochromatography Columns

Using HPLC to analyse biomolecules. We have a selection of columns from leading manufacturers. 

Chiral Columns

Choose from a wide range of the most successful and advanced coated and immobilised phases available to ensure that you find a column that offers value for money. 

GPC/SEC Columns

Aqueous and organic gel permeation and size exclusion columns from the world’s leading manufacturer.

Semi-Prep/Prep Columns

For larger-scale separations from semi-preparative to preparative and process scale column technology.

Application-Specific Columns

Column chemistries specifically designed for challenging and critical separations

Mixed-Mode Columns

Multiple selectivities in one column to separate ionic and hydrophobic analytes in a single run.

Method Development Kits

Predefined column kits help to set up your instrument for dedicated applications in no time.

Ion Chromatography Columns

We offer the perfect columns to be used in ion chromatography. 

HPLC Column Hardware

HPLC Column accessories and protection to suit all of your requirements.

SFC Columns

Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) yields fast and high-efficiency separations. Find a selection of options. 

Capillary/Microbore Columns

Ideal for very sample-limited applications because they provide enhanced sensitivity by reducing on-column sample dilution.

Glass Columns

Find a range of glass columns for soft gel and low-pressure liquid chromatography applications.

HILIC Columns

Wide range of HILIC columns for separating polar compounds not retained by reversed phase HPLC.

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Expert Technical Support

It's not just our catalogue of over 100,000 products that define us - our sales and technical support are what truly set us apart from other HPLC column vendors. We have been helping our customers with dedicated technical support for nearly 4 decades. When you buy HPLC columns from Element, we are always on hand to aid you in any way that you can via phone or email. 

Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the right HPLC column for your method and instrumentation. We can also help you with HPLC column care and maintenance so that you get the best value out of your column while reducing repeat analyses. 

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HPLC Column Blog

HPLC column care and maintenance are pivotal in reducing downtime and running an effective lab. The Element technical team write on a number of topics around chromatography and mass spectrometry, with a dedicated section for HPLC columns.

HPLC Column Selection

Our technical team can aid you with your HPLC column selection. We will work alongside you to find the correct column for your method and instrumentation. We also have a helpful eBook on the subject of column selection. 

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