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Acclaim Mixed-Mode Columns from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Acclaim mixed-mode columns provide unique surface chemistries which allows the chromatographer to adjust the elution of analytes easily and achieve maximum resolution, often providing resolution of compounds not possible by other conventional HPLC columns. The combination of ion-exchange with reversed-phase, or HILIC chemistries allows the chromatographer to exploit chemical properties of the analyte mixture to fully resolve the components of a complex sample. Having a column chemistry with a combination of functionalities gives you a whole new tool set to resolve and evaluate your samples.

The greatest benefit of using Acclaim mixed-mode columns is selectivity optimization, simply by adjusting mobile phase ionic strength, pH and/or organic solvent concentration. With adjustable selectivity, it is also possible to separate analytes with dramatically different hydrophobicity and charge state, such as simultaneous separation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and counterion, in a single analysis.

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