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Lab & Industrial Purification

Element provides a comprehensive range of purification products to meet your needs, whether you operate at the laboratory or industrial scale. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of essential items, including glass columns, bulk silica, scavengers, TLC plates, and flash cartridges. These products are sourced from manufacturers such as SiliCycle, Agilent, and YMC, ensuring exceptional quality and performance.

Glass columns are available for lab and pilot scale applications, and bulk silica provides a cost-effective solution for chromatographic separations. Scavengers are invaluable for removing impurities and byproducts from chemical reactions, enhancing the purity of the final product. TLC plates, coated with a thin layer of adsorbent material like silica gel, facilitate the separation and analysis of compound mixtures. Additionally, our selection of flash cartridges enables rapid purification through flash chromatography techniques.

Explore our range of purification products below to discover the ideal solutions for your purification requirements. 

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