Technical Resources

Technical Support Services

The primary focus of our large and highly experienced Technical Team is to help you succeed with your Chromatography and Analysis.

We offer a huge range of services to help you meet the highly demanding scientific standards and efficiencies that are demanded of the modern analytical scientist.

Our technical support department;

  • . Publishes helpful Technical Tips for our website and newsletters each month
  • . Can recommend and source the best column for your separation using vendor neutral scientific databases
  • . Can recommend equivalent columns
  • . Can provide you with an application from the thousands within our database 
  • . Will help you to troubleshoot problems with your separations
  • . Are at hand to solve any problems which arise from products that we supply you
  • . Can provide you with lunch and learn type seminars to help improve your knowledge
  • . Can help you solve problems with your instrument and supply you with the relevant parts to fix your issue

 Our Consultancy Services also help you to solve more demanding or longer term issues and help you improve methods or adopt new technology.