About Crawford Scientific

Founded in 1985, Crawford Scientific is the premier UK supplier of Consumables and Services into Analytical Chemistry Laboratories.

Our independent status means that we can offer you the products and services which we believe are right for your instruments and applications. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Brands we supply include
Agilent  |  Thermo Fisher Scientific  |  YMC  |  Silicycle  |  SIELC  |  Daicel  |  Peak Scientific

Our technical staff have considerable experience in troubleshooting HPLC, GC and MS instrumentation and applications issues. As a Crawford Scientific customer, you have direct access to this information and knowledge - so why struggle trying to get to the bottom of the problem?  Give us a call or drop us a note and we can quickly arrange to view your instrument software system, chromatograms or data and give you our expert opinion on the cause of the problem, and more importantly how to fix it!

Contact [email protected] or call 01357 522 961


Technical Support Services
HPLC & GC Column Recommendation Service  |  HPLC Column Equivalent Service  |  Method Development Support  |  Chromatogram Troubleshooting  |  Application Support  |  Instrument Troubleshooting  |  Huge in-house applications database

As expert chromatographers, we offer a number of services to help improve your analytical capability or solve problems with existing methods or technology.  Services include Training Courses, Online Training and Development via CHROMacademy, Chromatography Consulting Services and Contract Analytical Services.