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Ultra Inert (UI) GC Columns

Ultra Inert (UI) Columns have consistent inertness performance from column to column. Ultra Inert (UI) GC Columns push industry standards for consistent column inertness in a variety of stationary phase polarities. Gas Chromatography (GC) column inertness is critical, as columns contribute toward the largest surface area within an inert flow path. As samples become increasingly active and more complex, you cannot afford interferences introduced by the analytical flow path, such as GC columns, liners, septa. A non-inert GC column can cause both peak tailing and signal loss, and can also take or hide components in your sample, so you would never know what was missing. Repeating or verifying suspect analyses wastes resources, hinders productivity, and is more expensive. To achieve the lower detection limits demanded by tough regulatory demands and quantify active analytes with confidence, an Ultra Inert GC Column is required.

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