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ADM Flow Meters from Agilent

The Agilent ADM Flow Meter is a reliable platform for measuring volumetric gas flow without having to know the gas composition (limited to non-caustic gases).

Unlike conventional flow meters, the Agilent ADM Flow Meter does not need to be shipped to a third party for annual recalibration. That means you can avoid costly shipping fees - and save time associated with paperwork, packaging, and waiting for the flow meter to be returned.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about fees from unexpected repairs and firmware upgrades. Simply order a factory-precalibrated cartridge and swap it yourself within minutes.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G6691A ADM Flow Meter 1
G6691-40500 ADM Flow Meter Case 1
G6691E ADM Flow Meter Made to Order 1
907-0056 Carrying Case Small 1
5190-9579 ECD Adapter for Flow Meter 1
5190-9576 FID Adapter for Flow Meter 1
5190-9577 NPD Adapter for Flow Meter 1
G6692E Replacement ADM Cartridge Made to Order 1
G6692A Replacement Cartridge for ADM Flow Meter 1
G6692X Replacement Cartridge for ADM Flowmeter with Assessment 1
5190-9580 Split Vent Adapter for Flow Meter 1
5190-9578 TCD Adapter for Flow Meter 1
G6692-68000 Tubing 18 length 0.12 id x 0.25 od 1
220-1179 Tubing Extender Kit, Flowmeter 1
  • Guaranteed accuracy - a built-in calibration timer automatically warns you when the calibration cartridge needs replacing to minimize the risk of volumetric measurement drift
  • Hands-free operation/easy view of screen - the kickstand feature allows you to conveniently operate above bench level
  • Direct download of new features/capabilities - there’s no need to ship the flow meter out every time a firmware upgrade is needed
  • Enables multi-tasking - large OLED display lets you see the flow parameters without having to stand next to the device
Flow range 0.5 to 750 mL/min, auto-ranging
Accuracy ± 2% of reading, or ± 0.2 mL/min, whichever is greater
Tubing temp range -62 °C to 110 °C
Operating temp range 0 °C to 45 °C
Storage temp range -25 °C to 45 °C
Power (3) AA batteries (alkaline), or USB power
Display 128 x 64 Pixels Monochrome with 16 gray scales
Dimensions 201 mm x 88 mm x 48 mm
Weight 420 grams
Agilent ADM Flow Meter Brochure (565.54 kB)

Advanced gas flow measurement from Agilent

ADM Flow Meter Technical Overview (1.93 MB)

Troubleshooting your GC and Detectors with the Agilent ADM Flow Meter

ADM Flow Meter Operating Instructions (721.33 kB)

ADM Flow Meter user guide

ADM Flow Meter Infographic (209.44 kB)

Infographic highlighting key features of the ADM flowmeter

Agilent General Chromatography Brochure (4.48 MB)
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