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Agilent Autosampler Kits for HPLC

Agilent provides a comprehensive range of kits for your LC autosampler, including preventive maintenance, door replacement and upgrade kits. All kits are manufactured to Agilent's excellent quality standard levels to ensure superb autosampling performance. Preventative maintenance kits include the seals, needle seats, cartridges and other relevant components, depending on the autosampler it is used for. The door replacement kits include a variety of components and consumables to meet specific the specific needs of your autosampler, enabling a fast return to operation following installation. In addition, high quality upgrade kits make the process of enhancing autosampler features and performance an efficient task.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
5067-4699 1290 Infinity Pump service kit
G7157-68711 5ml Multi Draw Loop Kit for G7157A
G1313-68713 Arm Spare Kit
G1313-68709 AutoSampler Start Up Kit
G1329-68736 Cabinet Upgrade Kit for ALS
G1329-68726 Cabinet Upgrade Kit for G1329A
G4226-67001 Door Repair kit for 1290 Sampler
G1329-68737 Door Replacement Kit for ALS
G1329-68727 Door Replacement Kit for G1329A
5065-4498 Extended PM kit 1100/1200 autoSampler
G4216-68711 Large volume injection kit for 1290
G1329-68718 Light Protection Kit for G1329A
G4280-68730 PM Kit 1120 Compact LC Auto Injector
G4280-68710 PM Kit 1120 Compact LC Manual Injector
G7167-68730 PM Kit 1260 Infinity II MultiSampler
G7129-68740 PM Kit 1260 Infinity II VialSampler 600 Bar
G7167-68720 PM KIT 1290 Infinity II mLS Dual Needle
G7167-68710 PM Kit 1290 Infinity II MultiSampler Standard
G7129-68730 PM Kit 1290 Infinity II VialSampler 1300 Bar
G4280-68770 PM Kit for 1220 LC with ALS
G4280-68750 PM Kit for 1220 LC with manual
G1313-68719 PM Kit for G1329B AutoSampler
G1367-68741 PM kit for G1367E Sampler
G1367-68734 PM KIT for HiP Sampler G1367C/D
G4226-68735 PM KIT for HiP Sampler G4226A
G1313-68730 PM Kit for standard autoSamplers
G1367-68730 PM Kit for well Plate autoSamplers
G4226-68740 PM Kit G4226A low dispersion
G7157-68730 Preventative Maintenace Kit 1260 Infinity II Prep Sampler 1
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent HPLC systems
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