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Agilent Bond Elut EMR-Lipid

Agilent Bond Elut EMR-Lipid is an innovative material that efficiently removes major lipid classes from sample matrices without analyte loss. It works through a unique combination of size exclusion and hydrophobic interaction.

For complex samples that include large amounts of fats/lipids, existing QuEChERS dispersive SPE (dSPE) can be insufficient for clean-up, leading to inaccurate and irreproducible analyses and increased instrument maintenance. Bond Elut EMR-Lipid dSPE streamlines the QuEChERS workflow for fatty samples. 

The kits contain 1 g of pre-weighed sorbent in 15 mL centrifuge tubes. The final polishing step removes excess water and improves analyte partitioning. The kits can easily accommodate the aliquot volumes specified by current AOAC and EN methodologies.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
5982-1010 Bond Elut EMR-Lipid Dispersive SPE, 50pk 50
5982-0102 Bond Elut EMR-Lipid Polish Pouch, anhydrous MgSO4 only 50pk 50
5982-0101 Bond Elut EMR-Lipid Polish Tube, Enhanced Matrix Removal - Lipid Final Polishing Step, NaCl/anhydrous MgSO4, 50pk 50
  • Proprietary lipid removing sorbent in 15mL centrifuge tube
  • Innovative sorbent targets lipid removal while retaining analytes of interest
  • Higher sensitivity and more reproducible results by removing interfering matrix components
  • Reduced matrix contributions from samples results in a cleaner, more reliable MS source
  • Cleaner sample profiles reduce error and speed up data processing for higher throughput
  • Save time and resources with less troubleshooting and sample-related instrument maintenance
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