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Bottle Head Assemblies from Agilent

Agilent bottle head assemblies contain all the parts that are required to connect solvent bottles to your HPLC instrument. Each assembly contains a solvent inlet filter, tubing, a bottle cap, and fittings.

Part Number Short Description Type Pack Size Price Qty
G4220-60007 Bottle Head Assembly
G7122-60007 Bottle Head Assembly - 2.28m
G7161-60042 Bottle Head Assembly for 1260/1290 Infinity II Prep System
G7120-60007 Bottle Head Assembly for 1260/1290 Infinity II Systems
G7120-60017 Bottle Head Assembly for 1260/1290 Infinity II Systems, Ultra Clean Tubing
G1376-60003 Bottle Head Assembly for Capillary and Nano Systems
G1361-60022 Bottle Head Assembly for Prep System
G1311-60003 Bottle Head Assembly for Screw Bottles
G4220-60117 Bottle Head Assembly UCT StreamSelect
G4220-60017 Bottle Head Assembly Ultra Clean Tubing
G2258-87307 Drawing Tube Assembly for Flush Solvent Solvent tubing 1
5067-5443 Inlet Tubing 1
5043-1816 Solvent Line Label Clip Set 1
5063-6531 Standard Bottle Cap with 3-hole Insert 1
G4220-60070 Tubing Kit 140mm - Ultra Clean Tubing
G4220-68070 Ultra Clean Tubing Kit for G4220A
G7120-68070 Ultra Clean Tubing Kit for Infinity II
  • Instrument specific ready-to-use bottle head assemblies available
  • Special ultraclean tubing for MS applications available
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent HPLC systems
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