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Agilent Captiva Sealing Mats

Agilent Captiva sealing mats are used to completely seal Agilent Captiva collection plates to prevent sample loss due to spillage or evaporation. The silicone covers are specially designed for 96-well autoinjectors, providing easy piercing and removal. The seal positions the outlet tips at a specified distance inside each well, to prevent cross contamination of samples.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
A8961007B Captiva 96-well Collection Plate Seals 100pk 100
A8961007 Captiva Piercable 96-well Plate Cover 10pk 10
A8961009 Cover Pre-Slit 96-well Collection Plate 10pk 10
  • Use to seal Captiva collection plates
  • Pierceable cover preserves sample integrity
  • Prevents cross contamination of samples
Agilent Sample Preparation Catalogue (22.25 MB)
Consumable items for sample preparation from Agilent
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