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Agilent Fittings & Ferrules for HPLC

A range of high-quality fittings are available from Agilent, to ensure the ongoing security and performance of your LC equipment. It is important to utilize the correct fitting style and format, as specified by the manufacturer, to ensure accuracy and robust performance in every aspect of your apparatus, and Agilent create a wide range of fitting types to ensure that your system is covered.

For 1/16 in od capillaries, various stainless steel fittings are available, along with finger-tight PEEK fittings and PEEK RheFlex fittings. Other fittings provided include plastic, polyketone, bar removable and extra long fittings as well as replacement fittings and ferrules for capillary and nanoflow systems. An array of nuts, ferrules, various color identifiers and other supplies are also available for all fitting types.

Try InfinityLab Quick Connect fittings, the only truly finger-tight, reusable fitting for UHPLC. For harder to reach areas of the LC instrument, try InfinityLab Quick Turn fittings.

Part Number Short Description Type Material Pack Size Price Qty
5067-4739 1200 Bar Removable Extra Long Fitting Stainless Steel 1
5067-4733 1200 Bar Removable Fitting Short Stainless Steel 1
5067-4738 1200 Bar Removable Long Fitting Stainless Steel 1
5043-0277 Blank nut long 10-32 1
5005-0064 Blank Nut, bio-compatible, MP35N, for M4 port MP35N 1
5023-2898 Fitting 1/4-28in, 1.6mm OD, ESD-PEEK, 6pk Fittings 1
5023-2899 Fitting 1/4-28in, 2mm OD, ESD-PEEK, 6pk Fittings 1
5005-0067 Front ferrules 1/16in gold 10/pk Gold 10
5042-6500 PEEK Double Winged Fitting 1/16in 10pk PEEK 10
5065-4422 PEEK Double Winged Nut and Ferrule 1/32in 10pk PEEK 10
5067-1547 PEEK Ferrule 1/16in max 600 Bar 6pk for use with 5067-1540 fitting/ferrule PEEK 6
5065-4423 PEEK Ferrule and SS Lock Ring 1/32in 10pk PEEK/Stainless Steel 10
5063-6591 PEEK Finger-tight Fitting for 1/16in, 10pk PEEK 10
0100-1516 PEEK Finger-tight Fitting for 1/16in, 2pk PEEK 2
5065-4426 PEEK Finger-tight Fittings 1/16in Mixed Colours, 10pk PEEK 10
5062-8541 PEEK Finger-tight Fittings Long 1/16in 10pk PEEK 10
5022-6536 PEEK Fitting long for 1/32in od capillary PEEK 1
5065-4410 PEEK M4 Fittings and plugs for u-Valves PEEK 6 Fittings, 2 Plugs
0100-1631 PEEK RheFlex Fitting 5pk PEEK 5
0100-2175 PEEK Rheflex Fittings Mixed Colours 10pk PEEK 10
0100-1259 Plastic Blank Nut Plastic 1
5042-8957 Polyketone Finger-tight Fitting 1/16in max pressure 600 Bar 10pk Polyketone 10
5180-4114 SS Back Ferrules 1/16in 10pk Stainless Steel 10
01080-83202 SS Blanking Nut 1/16in Stainless Steel 1
5067-1557 SS Ferrules 1/32in 0.8mm id 6pk Stainless Steel 6
5061-3303 SS Fitting male 1/16in 10pk Stainless Steel 10
5063-6593 SS Fitting Male 1/16in 4mm 10pk Stainless Steel 10
5065-9948 SS Fitting Screws 10-32 4mm 5pk Stainless Steel 5
5062-2418 SS Fittings and Ferrules 1/16in 10pk Stainless Steel 10
5067-1558 SS Fittings M4/4mm 0.8mm id 6pk Stainless Steel 6
5180-4108 SS Front Ferrules 1/16in 10pk Stainless Steel 10
5067-1540 SS Hex Head Nut with PEEK Ferrule 6pk PEEK/Stainless Steel 6
5005-0068 SS Intermediate fittings 1/16in 10/pk Stainless Steel 10
5065-4454 SS Long Fittings and Ferrules 10pk Stainless Steel 10
5065-9950 SS Ring and PEEK Ferrule 2mm 5pk PEEK/Stainless Steel 5
5065-9967 SS X-long Fittings and Ferrules 10pk Stainless Steel 10
5023-2508 Union Flat-Bottom 1/4-28in ESD

Agilent offers a comprehensive range of fitting varieties for Swagelok-type or metric M4/M3-type connections.

Depending on your application, different materials must be used:


  • Stainless steel or PEEK delivers permanent high-pressure sealing performance for connections such as valves, heaters, and columns
  • Stainless steel ensures permanent high-pressure sealing and optimal performance throughout your LC system up to 1200 bar
  • Finger-tight fittings (polymeric for 400 bar and polyketone for 600 bar) are a convenient option; they allow easy end fitting adjustment, so you can seat the capillary into the column properly, preventing extra-column voids and leaks
  • High-pressure fittings, which can be used with pressures up to 1200 bar, can be removed and replaced
  • It's a good idea to use stainless steel nuts and ferrules for instrument connections, and PEEK nuts and ferrules for column and guard column connections, since these are changed most frequently
Fitting type              Advantages / Tips
Swagelok-type fittings
  • Suitable for most connections
  • Available in a variety of combinations:
  • One piece or multiple pieces with nut + front and back ferrules
  • Stainless steel, PEEK, polyketone, or a stainless steel/PEEK combination
Metric M4/Metric M3
  • For micro valve connections
Stainless steel
  • At least 1200 bar
  • Most popular material for permanent, high-pressure sealing
  • Use our slitted socket wrench (Part No. 8710-2391) for optimal tightness
1200 bar removable fittings for 1290 Infinity LC
  • 1200 bar
  • Available in standard, long, and extra-long sizes for compatibility with columns that have different sized nuts
  • Removable and replaceable
  • Use our slotted socket wrench (Part No. 8710-2391) for optimal tightness
  • Up to 400 bar (at ambient temperature with water)
  • Easy, finger-tight column connections
  • Ideal for frequently changed connections, such as column connections
  • Pressure is less critical
  • <600 bar (600 bar pressure rating)
  • Easy, finger-tight column connections
  • Fits stainless steel tubing
InfinityLab LC Supplies Brochure (12.08 MB)
Consumable items for Agilent HPLC systems
Agilent LC Capillaries Selection Guide (744.80 kB)

Contains information on choosing the correct capillaries for your Agilent LC system

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