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Agilent Fluorescence Calibration Standards

Agilent fluorescence calibration standards and kits provide an inexpensive and time-saving solution for calibrating and qualifying your fluorescence instrumentation. The reference material kits were developed for analysts who need to conform closely to both quality and regulatory requirements when performing fluorescence measurements.

Part Number Short Description Analyte Volume Price Qty
6610022100 Certified Standard holmium perchlorate 1pk Holmium perchlorate
5190-9070 DG-Anthracene Standard for FLD 2mL Ampoule Anthracene 2 mL
6610022200 Europium III in PMMA block 1pk
6610010300 Fluorescence reference Material set of 6
5799-0025 PEPBOPS Dye
6610021900 Rhodamine B in PMMA block 1pk
6610021700 Rhodamine B soln in triangular cell 1pk
6610021800 Water filled fluorescence cell Sealed 1pk
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