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Agilent Fraction Collector Capillary Kits and Needles

Agilent's range of precision-engineered Fraction Collector Capillary Kits and Needles deliver the highest levels of performance and security in Fraction Collectors. Various modules are available with maximum flow rates from 4 µL/min to 100 mL/min with tubes and needle lengths of various sizes to match. Typical uses of the Fraction Collector Capillary Kits and Needles available are clearly marked to enable the right selection for your requirements every time.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
G9321-60954 1290 Inf II PrepFC Tubing Kit 150 1
5023-2878 2m Tubing ESD PTFE (OD2/ID1.2) 1
5023-2882 6m Tube ESD PTFE 2.5mm od 1.6mm id 1
5023-2512 Adapter FB 1/4-28 to 10-32 for prep LC 1
G1364-68712 Analytical Tubing kit 0.25mm id (PTFE)
5023-2874 Fitting 1/4-28in for Tube od 1.6mm ESD-PEEK 1
5023-2872 Fitting 1/4-28in for Tube od 2.0mm ESD-PEEK 1
5023-2883 Fitting 1/4-28in od 2.5mm ESD-PEEK 6pk 1
5023-2875 Fitting Adapter 10-32 F to 1/4-28 F SS 1
G1364-87306 Fused silica/Peek capillary 100um x 50cm 1
G1364-87304 Fused silica/Peek capillary 25um x 50cm 1
G1364-87305 Fused silica/Peek capillary 50um x 50cm 1
G1364-68723 Low Dispersion Tubing Kit 0.15mm id PTFE for G1364C
G1364-87202 Needle Assembly 20mm for G1364C 1
G1364-87201 Needle assembly short for fraction collector 1
G1364-68711 Preparative Tubing kit 0.8mm id (PTFE)
G1364-68604 Tubing Kit 15-40mL/min 0.8mm id
G1364-68602 Tubing Kit 1-5mL/min 0.25mm id
G1364-68601 Tubing Kit 1mL/min 0.15mm id
G1364-68605 Tubing Kit 40-100mL/min 1.2mm id
G1364-68603 Tubing Kit 4-8mL/min 0.5mm id
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