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Agilent FT-IR Calibration Standards

Agilent FT-IR calibration standards and kits provide an inexpensive and time-saving solution for calibrating and qualifying your FT-IR instrumentation. The reference material kits were developed for analysts who need to conform closely to both quality and regulatory requirements when performing FT-IR measurements.

Part Number Short Description Analyte Price Qty
G8180-67300 4300 HH FTIR Polystyrene Ref Sample Polystyrene
G8180-67563 Coarse Diff Reference Cap 4300 HH FTIR
G8180-67560 Coarse Gold Reference Cap 4300 HH FTIR
G8180-67564 Gold Mirror Reference Cap 4300 HH FTIR
HARRICK-KBR-100 KBR powder 100g 1pk
925-0128 Polystyrene film NIST traceable 2pk
G8180-67562 SS Mirror Reference Cap 4300 HH FTIR
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