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Agilent Manual Crimpers & Decappers

Agilent manual crimpers and decappers remove the pain and discomfort of wrist strain with a lightweight, ergonomic design. Weighing 25–30% less than predecessors, the new design dramatically improves your experience by helping to eliminate sore, pinched hands. Extensively tested on both 11 mm crimp caps and 20 mm headspace crimp caps, these vial crimpers are an economical alternative to electronic vial versions.

Part Number Short Description Thread Size Vial Type Pack Size Price Qty
8710-1643 Crimper for 8mm Caps 8 mm Crimper 1
5181-8827 Decapper for 8mm Caps 8 mm Decapper 1
5040-4667 Ergonomic Manual Crimper for 11mm Caps 11 mm Crimper 1
5040-4669 Ergonomic Manual Crimper for 20mm Caps 20 mm Crimper 1
5040-4668 Ergonomic Manual Decapper for 11mm Caps 11 mm Decapper 1
5040-4671 Ergonomic Manual Decapper for 20mm Caps 20 mm Decapper 1
  • Comfortable, lightweight, ergonomically designed handles fit smoothly in the hand
  • Top-mounted adjustment knob show directionality for tightening/loosening
  • Adjustment knob doubles as an indicator that the crimp (or decap) is complete
  • Crimpers are colour-coded with blue knobs and labels, decappers with orange
  • Narrow jaws provide better vertical clearance over vials
  • Bottom handle motion allows for better control and enhanced stability of crimping jaw
  • Sturdy construction of rugged, fiber-reinforced resin with steel reinforcement in the handles
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