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Agilent Matrix Modifiers for Graphite Furnace AA

Chemical modifiers are used in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS) to change the thermochemical behavior of both the analyte and the sample matrix. Modifiers may be used both to stabilize the analyte, thus allowing higher ash temperatures, and to move the atomic signal away from the background signal, allowing more accurate background correction. Chemical interferences can also be reduced by using higher atomization temperatures.

Using the right modifier, or mix of modifiers, can simplify an analytical method and improve accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and quantification limits. Agilent offers a comprehensive range of modifiers for use with graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. And with the assurance of NIST traceability, Agilent's selection of standard mixes offers accurate, reliable calibrations at great value.

Part Number Short Description Concentration Analyte Solvent Volume Price Qty
5190-8339 AA Matrix Modif 1pct Nickel Nitrate 100mL 1000 ug/g Nickel nitrate 2% Nitric acid 100 mL
5190-8340 AA Matrix Modifier 1 Pd/Mg(NO3)2 250mL Multi 2% Nitric acid 250 mL
5190-8337 AA Matrix Modifier 10pct NH4H2PO4 100mL 1000 ug/g Ammonium phosphate 2% Nitric acid 100 mL
5190-8338 AA Matrix Modifier 1pct Mg(NO3)2 100mL 5000 ug/g Magnesium nitrate 2% Nitric acid 100 mL
5190-8341 AA Matrix Modifier 2 Pd/Mg(NO3)2 250mL Multi 2% Nitric acid 250 mL
5190-8342 AA Matrix Modifier Amm Phos/Mg 250mL Multi 2% Nitric acid 250 mL
5190-8335 DG-AA Matrix Modifier 0.1pct Pd Nitrate 100mL Palladium nitrate 5% Nitric acid 100 mL
5190-8336 DG-AA Matrix Modifier 1pct Pd Nitrate 100mL Palladium nitrate 10% Nitric acid 100 mL
5190-8343 DG-Ionization Buffer 1pct Cs in HNO3 500mL Cesium Nitrate 5% Nitric acid 500 mL
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