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Agilent Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector (NPD) Parts

Nitrogen-phosphorus detectors (NPD) for gas chromatography are specific to nitrogen- or phosphorus-containing compounds and are well suited for environmental and forensic applications. The key component to NPD performance is its bead. Agilent has acquired the worldwide manufacturing rights to the Blos bead for Agilent NPD. The Blos bead for the Agilent NPD is based on a high-performance glass material technology.

The NPD requires periodic cleaning. In most cases, this only involves the collector and the jet.

Part Number Short Description Pack Size Price Qty
5182-9722 6890 NPD Ceramic Insulator/Metal Seal Kit
19234-60720 Insulation cup 1
G1534-40030 Insulator NPD Lower 1
G1534-40020 Insulator NPD Upper 1
5183-2007 NPD black ceramic bead assembly 1
G3434-60806 NPD Blos cermic bead assembly 1
G1534-20530 NPD Collector Funnel 1
5200-0179 NPD Jet, Universal Fit, 0.011 inch ID, 1pk 1
G1534-60570 NPD white bead assembly 1
5180-4105 Nut 1/4in Brass 10pk 10
0905-1284 Seal Round Inconel .006-in-THK .62in od
  • Longer bead lifetime
  • More stable operation throughout the bead’s lifetime
  • For nitrogen containing compounds – similar sensitivity and selectivity specifications
  • For phosphorous containing compounds – superior sensitivity and selectivity specifications
Agilent GC Columns & Supplies Brochure (55.19 MB)

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